Free Will & Happiness, Unconditional Love






I have Free Will of the Angels.. I did my best for Unconditonal Love & Learned my Lessons, I got no changes in Love, sex..I got Nothing..  So with My Angels I can stay Beautiful, thin..


 Rainbow Covenant Our Father 42 Rules Of Maat  Free Will   Cosmic  Laws The Game Of Love  Experiment,   Ego-Higher Self  Karma System 




Sarah, Illuminati : No Love Appointment, Wasted Changes, 17 Y Living out 2002, 2019   I dont like their  work anymore 🙁 flaw  themes, Living Out, Wasted Changes, Wars, Appointment.. 


Sad memories & No Selfworth of radio, Music Videos.. Reminds me of past Everytime, (Dreaming Away )   Others showed no Love, (Appointment ) I never got changes in Love, Sex..    

I dont like deciding, living out on others selfworth, laughing off, Hate..    I am Waiting 17 y, I cried nights, Others had love, sex.. I got No Kiss, Hughs, sex, or compliments




The Biologic Illusionary Binary “Liquid” Experiment : B.I.B.L.E : Coherent negentropic liquid crystal plasma, Higher astral realms


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